October 6, 2022


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Inside School programme is designed to support the self-actualization of every young man and woman home and abroad through our character, inquiry, interaction, creativity, imagination, insight, and reliability. 


We believe that we have unique individuals with special gifts and a purpose which can be nurtured and drawn forth, allowing them to grow as contributors to the socio-economic and political development of our nation and most especially the Igbo Community.  Our duty in the programme and station is to provide the much-needed information to the community. Hence, helping non students, students and the school to be on the right path, more efficient and in touch with tomorrow. We will mentor each young boy and girl who are student or potential student, giving them the encouragement and support needed to help them reach their full potential and able to compete favourably well with their mates in other nations.  


We realized that most people in communities and villages did not go to school and therefore not educated for lack of information not lack of money. You cannot get or benefit from what you don’t know. Just like some of our people who has what it takes to get international scholarship, grant and award are not getting it. Some schools are not doing well for lack of information, not lack of money. Some students, lecturers and school deserve international recognition for the performance and work. This has not happened because no one cared much about using not just the media but a media with global reach and audience. Our vision in this programme is to explore, discover, investigate, represent, and discuss things both great and small, by nurturing the unique identity, intelligence, and curiosity inherent in each individual or school, providing the opportunity for schools and students to be showcased, explore and develop their own interests, talents, gifts, and abilities fostering in-depth inquiry that allows us as individuals and as a community to make sense of the real world. 

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