August 17, 2022

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When you spend wisely or invest wisely, you go home smiling. Our people need to step up and take a more competitive position in the global market square by learning the attractiveness and the dynamics of special markets within an industry. 
People buy value and investors look for profit – So knowing the available values and profits possibilities in a given market is key. Whenever one want to buy a product/service or invest in a particular market, there is always the need to do some check. In most cases you do not have the time to do it yourself, and when you want to hire professionals, you do not have the money to pay their fees. On this station every week, we will do it for you at not cost. You either listen to us LIVE or you go to our archive to access past reports.  
Competition in the market is fierce, and the cost of failure is high. Before entering a new market, Global market square on Igbo Community News Radio provides you with the opportunity to buy or enter a New Market With Confidence. We will help you assess the landscape using research-based data.  
We give you the information that will help you during your buying and selling, it has the capacity to less the load of bias and inability to discern the nuances between uncharted segments and the current market. Global Market Square on Igbo Community News Radio Relies on our expert’s years of experience. We leverage our market research techniques and knowledge to deliver a data-driven model for making fact-based decisions about the markets. 
GMS will focus on the many different factors that can influence market attractiveness. We will also constantly address the pricing signals that are created as a result of changing supply and demand levels in a given market. Market dynamics describes the dynamic, or changing, price signals that result from the continual changes in both supply and demand of any particular product or group of products.  Branding Monitoring, Business Area Reviews, Company Profiling, Cause-and-effect Analysis, Competitive Intelligence, Competitive Landscape Analysis. 

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